• PSI Order Fulfillment Automation Solutions Increase Profits

    PSI Engineering integrates and automates the customer’s distribution Center Network for packaging orders utilizing PSI patented equipment solutions and specialized software.

    Our high speed material automated handling and production systems reduce operation costs while increasing order throughput. Often 1 year Payback Periods or less are experienced.
    PSI provides cost effective Order Fulfillment solutions for;

    • e-commerce
    • direct mail
    • manufacturing

    • distribution
    • packaging
    • order fulfillment industries
    PSI Are Masters Of The Last 100 Feet
    PSI Are Masters Of The Last 100 Feet
    The last 100 feet of the order fulfillment line has the most significant impact on various performance metrics such as:

    • Cost per order
    • Order error rate
    • Repeat order
    • Return Order rate
    • Order throughput rate

    Bottom line, PSI solutions eliminate bottlenecks and reduce operation costs.

  • World’s Most Dynamic Pack Station Automation Solutions

    With over 20 years in the material handling industry PSI Engineering has garnered respect from fortune 500 companies and their distribution centers for developing unique solutions that can be scaled to grow as their order volumes increase.

    Many of these companies have incorporated PSI equipment and solutions as part of their “Best Practices” Protocol as they expand and automate their other DC’s and operations.

    PSI Engineering has industry first solutions that address this specific area of the line.
    All solutions are designed with low operating cost and error free performance to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

    As many companies contemplate automating their Order Fulfillment lines they are faced with an abundance of solutions from semi to fully automatic.

    The Optimal Fulfillment Solution — For Today & Tomorrow
    Choosing a solution is often like trying on more than one set of gloves to find the perfect fit. It is one of the reasons that PSI Engineering continues to develop solutions that are scalable and flexible to adapt to a DC’s changing environment.

    PSI Engineering will conduct simulated testing with your company’s real time data at our facilities to ensure that at time of installation your company’s IT personnel involvement will be minimal and more time can be focused on training operation staff on how the system runs and is maintained.