Order Fulfillment Solutions Built with Best Practices

PSI Engineering delivers profitable order fulfillment solutions that automate your manual inline processes. Our automation solutions are scalable so as your orders grow additional components can be seamlessly integrated with your order fulfillment process.

Global Reach

PSI projects operate in both North & South America, Europe and around the globe.
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Digital Envelope
Production Printers

Build Your Own Digital Envelope
Printer & Feed System

PSI Digital Envelope Printers Offer
  • "Load-on-the-Fly"
  • "Remove-on-the-Fly"
  • Versatility by doing multimedia
digital print work when required

PSI: Best Practices Solutions

Many companies with PSI Engineering's document handling solutions integrated into their order fulfillment process have experienced results that far exceeded their initial expectations. Now PSI is a part of their best practices metrics for all their distribution center & warehouse fulfillment projects.

Smooth System Integration On Time and On Budget

Companies today cannot afford the down time required for a lengthy installation that requires extensive testing and IT involvement. Using your company's order profile data, PSI's automation solutions are run through simulation testing in our facility to ensure a seamless integration at your facility.

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Solutions that lower your cost per order...
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Distribution Center
Profitable peak order fulfillment - no hands
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Major Retailer
Meet your delivery dates profitably...
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Catalog Retailer
Increase repeat orders with...
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Automated kitting solutions increase sales...
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Fulfillment Integration & Control Software - FICS Suite

PSI Engineering has developed multiple component warehouse fulfillment management software FICS that fully integrates into a fulfillment operation requiring minimal IT resources to install.

FICS is a set of core middleware modules designed to bridge an Enterprise Resources Plan (ERP) & Warehouse Management System (WMS) software with the machine-level components of PSI's automation fulfillment solutions. The result is real time communication from your fulfillment lines.

FICS functions in real time to provide management and operations with:
  • An Order Management System (OMS)
  • A Print Management System - complete & on-time delivery reports
  • Equipment activity reports, multiple device support and more
  • Video error monitoring reports and videos
  • CRM real time order verification
  • Automated material handling
  • Auto replenishment

Ecommerce Automation

Graphic Arts Printing Solutions

Consultative Services

The scope of many automated material handling projects change from the initial conceptual design. They often evolve to include other order fulfillment components that were either forgotten or not included in the initial design. This often results in project cost overruns and installation issues.

A core competency of PSI Engineering is lean order fulfillment automation. We provide a layout design of the order fulfillment process that is configured from consultation meetings with management, fulfillment line flow observations, and discussing company objectives for Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Projected order and revenue growth ensures the recommended automation solution can be scaled to parallel growth, ensuring continuous order fulfillment.

Fulfillment Equipment


Has helped PSI customers double their packaging station output.

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Print Feeders

Has helped PSI customers dramatically cut production time and increase efficiency.

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In-Line Feeders

The most versatile friction feeder in the marketplace offering 3X the capacity of standard feeders.

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